CMake Support for Vim

Incorporates the functionality of CMake into Vim.

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CMake Interoperability in Vim

cmake.vim 0.5.1 is a Vim plugin that aims to bind CMake within Vim for your CMake-based projects. This project has not reached a 1.0.0 release and thus isn't fully ready for production.


I recommending using Vundle to install plugins. The line necessary to add this plugin is as follows:

Bundle 'jalcine/cmake.vim`

Releases are made on's scripts as well on patch-level releases.


cmake.vim is a pure Vimscript plugin, thus requiring nothing but Vim itself being over version 7.3 or greater. Patches to support older versions of Vim are greatly appreciated!

Getting Started

After you installed the plugin, just cd into the directory where the top-level CMakeLists.txt can be found and run:

" Create a new binary directory for your clean project.
:CMakeCreateProject <build-dir-name>

" Build all of the targets.

" Clean up bad builds.

cmake.vim does not bind to any keys by default.


cmake.vim defines a few methods for generic interaction with CMake. Check out :help cmake-methods for more information.


In order for CMake to operate, it has to know where the build directory is located. This is done automatically by the plugin but it does need help in the event that you happen to build your CMake project in a sub-directory. Check out :help cmake-options for more information.


The test suite is written using RSpec and Vimrunner. The following would do a full unit test of the entire system:

bundle install && rake

The project uses Guard as well for mildly automated tests.

Known Edgecases

  1. If you use a header file as the source file, the plugin only knows of the source files (which sometimes are generated) and doesn't update the b:cmake_target variable correctly.


This code is released and available under the MIT license. Multiply and be fruitful.

Similar Projects

There's a few other projects out there that aim to achieve the same goal as cmake.vim. Feel free to send a PR if you want your project listed here.


I'm Jacky Alcine and I like code. A lot. I also chat a lot like a firehose so follow with caution!